A LifeProof Adventure: Midnight Kayak

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The idea came to me a long time ago, just after picking up my first kayak. The thought consumed my mind for a long time until I recently had the chance to make it a reality. I wanted to go for a midnight kayak ride under the stars, while lighting my kayak up from the inside.

I threw my kayak in my car, grabbed my camera gear, my phone and LifeProof FRĒ Power case and went to a nearby lake called Two Jack Lake. I arrived with plenty of time to set my kayak up, get ready and catch the last bit of daylight.


I had a little extra time and so I couldn’t resist heading out on to the lake. I always feel a little better knowing that if my phone decides to go for a swim or gets a little wet, it’s safe in its LifeProof case.


I spent the final hour of daylight slicing through the turquoise waters with Mount Rundle and Cascade Mountain towering over me. It didn’t take long for darkness to consume the valley and then the long awaited moment came.


It was one of the most surreal experiences of my life — floating in the middle of a lake under the stars with my kayak lit up from the inside. The sensation of bobbing up and down, mixed with lying back and staring straight up, was otherworldly. Coyotes howling and rustling from the bushes, I probably had all the wildlife wondering what was happening. I definitely had the attention of the bugs!

Temperatures drop drastically in the Canadian Rockies overnight and it drains iPhone batteries fast, so I was glad to hit the power button on my FRĒ Power case to give it another charge. A down jacket kept the rest of me warm. An hour later and the clouds moved in, blocking my view of the stars, signaling it was a good time to head back to shore and pack up. This was an experience I’ll never forget and one that I’m hoping to do lots more.

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