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I’ll admit it, seeing at night was a huge issue for me, I don’t have the best eyesight and up until now, I didn’t know there was much of a difference in headlight choices for my car. A few weeks ago, SYLVANIA contacted me about their Silverstar ULTRA headlights and without knowing too much about them, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try them out.

I’m not much of a car person but these were easy and quick to install. They came at the perfect time when Vancouver lives up to it’s secondary name, ‘Raincouver’, for the rest of the year, bringing with it weeks of dark gloomy weather. Driving around the city, I noticed an immediate difference, but the real test came a few days later on a day out exploring the mountain roads around Squamish and along the Sea To Sky Highway along the mainland West Coast.

I’m an early riser and I always like to get up well before sunrise to capture it, I’m not lucky every time and this day was foggy and rainy. I made my way along the Sea To Sky highway through the dense fog admiring the not-so-mountainous views during twilight without stopping until I got to Squamish to refill my own body with coffee. What I noticed the most about these headlights is how far down the road I could see even through that dense fog and at times, heavy rain.

After refuelling, I made my way up on to the surrounding mountain roads, some I’ve explored before but most were new and I was excited to see where they lead. I had never really thought about how much good quality headlights matter before now, especially out here where there are no streetlights. Seeing Deer and Bears is common on the mountain roads and being able to see them as soon as possible could save their lives and my own, these lights were perfect, catching the reflection in animals eyes long before they were even close.

My adventures up the mountain roads took me to some really unique places, where trees tower enormously high over the roads and fog drifts through enveloping the scenery. I could drive through these mountains forever, daydreaming about where I might end up, if anywhere. A dead end on a road is never really a dead end, there’s more to see on the way back.

After a long day of exploring these mountain roads I made my way back, getting back to Vancouver just in time for sunset. A perfect day out exploring this beautiful part of the world!

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