High flying adventures!

Imagine a photograph of a mountain that has occupied a piece of your mind for over five years, never having an opportunity to put yourself in that scene… until now. Nestled deep in an alpine valley in the Purcell mountains … Continued

Land of the living skies

This was my first visit to the ‘land of the living skies’, I didn’t know quite what to expect both visually and physically. Saskatchewan has been a place I’ve wanted to experience for myself for a long time. Known in the … Continued

5 Breathtaking Places in the Canadian Rockies

In partnership with Expedia Canada Its not hard to have your breath stolen in the Canadian Rockies, but there are a few places that will leave you gasping for oxygen. These mountains are notoriously beautiful and are easy to access on both … Continued

Fernie Stoke

Nestled down in the Eastern Kootenays is the small town of Fernie. Don’t let its size fool you, this town is packed full of character, mountain charm and those famous mountain personalities to go along with it all. Fernie is … Continued